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William "Bill" Simmons

February 08, 20241 min read

William "Bill" Simmons, the founder of Thrive Business Operations. As the mind behind this innovative firm, he specializes in providing Fractional COO Services, catering to the needs of growing businesses facing operational challenges.

Bill stresses the importance of aligning expectations, communication, and accountability in businesses to minimize frustration and promote growth. They target privately owned businesses with annual revenues between $5 to $30 million but can also serve clients beyond this range.

Bill addresses challenges like wearing multiple hats, transitioning to business ownership, unmet expectations causing frustration, and scaling for businesses with multiple locations. His advice emphasizes aligned expectations, effective communication, scalable processes, finding capable individuals for service and sales, and maintaining a clear, shared growth vision.

Bill gives a shoutout to his best friend, Rick Stroud, whose inspiration, encouragement, and accountability have been instrumental in navigating doubts and operating in faith, contributing to the growth and success of Thrive Business Operations.

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