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Tinia Pina

March 06, 20241 min read

Tinia Pina, CEO of Re-Nuble, has a varied background in technology, sustainability, and finance. She holds a B.S. in Business Information Technology from Virginia Tech and a Master of Science degree from Columbia University in sustainability.

Tinia highlights sustainable solutions in agriculture, leveraging her IT background to address food waste issues, expanding product offerings with Renew Terra, and securing funding and contracts with organizations like the USDA.

Tinia addresses challenges in urban organic waste management, agricultural regulation, and scaling innovation. She advises starting small, promoting accountability in food production, fostering collaboration for innovation, and understanding market needs for effective product iterations.

Tinia gives a shoutout to investors, especially Gayle Jennings O'Byrne of WOCstar Fund and Tracy Gray of 22Fund, for their support and understanding of the challenges in agriculture and manufacturing, while acknowledging their guidance.

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