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Stijn Hendrikse  

March 27, 20242 min read

Stijn Hendrikse, a 30-year veteran in SaaS and AI, is known for his innovative strategies as an author, entrepreneur, and board director. His book, T2D3.pro, is a top guide for scaling SaaS businesses, reflecting deep industry insights. As founder of Kalungi and Amy.us, Stijn leads in tech trends, while his roles at firms like Comm100, Fraxion, and Aware360 highlight his commitment to growth.

Stijn highlights his commitment to assisting small B2B SaaS companies in charting their path from zero to $10 million in growth. He leverages his experience in spearheading the launch of Office 365 for the SMB market.

Stijn navigates the delicate balance between rapid growth and sustainable profitability, highlighting the challenges of adapting to board reporting post-funding. He stresses the significance of retaining top talent despite resource constraints, advising on effective leadership through structured processes and seeking mentorship from experienced peers.

Stijn gives a shoutout to mentors like Chris Caposella, Microsoft's CMO, Brian Graf, CEO of Columbia, and influential thought leaders such as Seth Godin, all of whom have played pivotal roles in his career development.

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