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Solomon Thimothy

April 10, 20241 min read

Solomon Thimothy, CEO and Co-Founder of Clickx, collaborates with agency owners to establish adaptable business frameworks.  His ethos centers on the principle of being "ALL-IN," emphasizing the commitment and resources needed for digital marketing success.

Solomon highlights the importance of investing in infrastructure, such as CRM systems, for scalability. His company offers implementation and support services to bridge the gap between technology and growth. They advocate for focusing on existing demand and nurturing customer retention for success.

Solomon discusses challenges like finding growth-oriented entrepreneurs and addressing the misconception about marketing. His advice includes investing in CRM systems for scalability, focusing on existing demand, prioritizing marketing, and fostering a growth mindset within the team for extraordinary results.

Solomon gives a shoutout to his supportive parents and his dedicated team, which fosters a 10X mindset. They're currently working on a massive project to build a comprehensive database, aiming to include 35 million US businesses.

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