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Mariam Brian

April 17, 20241 min read

Mariam Brian, a Trusted Advisor at Levio, CEO & Founder of HOLO ART, and curator of Science, Art, Tech, Space, and Consciousness, is an innovator in Quantum, AI & BCI. With over 18 years of experience, she specializes in navigating large-scale change management, delivering impactful ROI for Fortune 100 companies.

Mariam highlights her lifelong dedication to art and its transcendent nature. She spearheads HOLO, a response to global cultural dilution, curated by 72 experts. Her diverse artistic journey encompasses traditional and digital mediums, including the exploration of generative AI.

Mariam discusses setbacks in her journey, stressing resilience and self-awareness. She emphasizes diverse feedback and support systems for effective navigation of challenges. Her advice emphasizes purpose, values, and creativity within organizations for exponential growth.

Mariam gives a shoutout to those who have positively influenced her life, expressing special appreciation for her children, whose ongoing inspiration fuels her journey.

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