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Mandy Hougas

February 03, 20241 min read

Mandy Hougas, the CEO of Girl Sweat. . She specializes in providing athletic-minded sales training specifically tailored for women entrepreneurs, enabling them to master the fundamentals and consistently secure clients.

Mandy emphasizes assisting clients in conquering their fears, honing skills, and attaining reliable, profitable outcomes. The significance of integrating sports skills, teamwork, and personal development into the business realm, particularly in sales, is underscored.

Mandy tackles sales challenges like communication breakdowns and process gaps, emphasizing the need for clarity with marketing. Her advice includes early engagement with sales coaching, focusing on personal development for emotional well-being, and aligning sales teams with organizational goals through clear communication.

Mandy gives a shoutout to Pat Summitt, a coach who inspired her. Pat Summitt is recognized for not only athletic achievements but also for developing outstanding individuals and leaders.

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