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434 Driving Success in Promotional Products: Insights from Jeremy Parker of Swag.com

Jeremy Parker

June 13, 2024β€’2 min read

Jeremy Parker, Co-Founder of Swag.com (acquired by Custom Ink) and Founder of Swag Space. Jeremy graduated from Boston University in 2007 with a major in film production. During his junior year, his documentary won the Audience Award at the 2006 Vail Film Festival.

Jeremy emphasizes quality control, customer relationships, and a strong company culture. He also stresses the importance of exceptional customer service, consistency, and a winning mindset in achieving business milestones. Collaborations with partners like Custom Ink drive innovation and industry transformation.

Jeremy discusses challenges for Swag.com, including maintaining quality control in a large product catalog, retaining customers in the B2B sector amid turnover, and ensuring sticky customer relationships through tailored solutions. Hiring the right people who align with the company culture and delivering exceptional customer service are key challenges in a startup environment.

Jeremy gives a shoutout to various mentors he encountered throughout his career. With a background in documentary filmmaking and a history of entrepreneurship, including both failures and successes, he credits his self-motivation as a driving force behind the success of Swag.com, which was acquired.

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