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418 Jeff Maine

Jeff Maine

March 02, 20241 min read

Jeff Maine, the visionary behind Pay Proudly, motivated by a dual mission: to provide business owners with payment clarity and to uplift communities through charitable initiatives. Throughout his career, he identified a gap in the market for relational support in payment processing. 

Jeff emphasizes accountability in hiring and donates 10% of earnings to charity. Proudly focuses on optimizing payment processing to cut costs and started with a bootstrap approach for organic growth without external capital.

Jeff identifies challenges in payment processing, including overspending due to lack of clarity. His advice is to understand payments, opt for personalized solutions, use consultative approaches and personality tests in hiring, and integrate charitable giving for social responsibility.

Jeff Maine's shoutout goes to his father, who played a significant role in shaping his entrepreneurial mindset and encouraging him to start his own business

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