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Eric Law

January 30, 20241 min read

Eric Law, the Co-Founder and CEO of Urban Machine Robotics. With over two decades of expertise in construction industry innovation, Eric has been instrumental in building teams and advancing the vision of a more productive and sustainable construction sector. 

Eric highlights the urgent need to reclaim 37 million tons of discarded lumber annually in the U.S. Urban Machine, in its fifth iteration, develops robots for economically viable wood reclamation, deploying 12 systems in six metropolitan areas next year. 

Eric notes challenges for Urban Machine: capital-intensive hardware development, balancing engineering and marketing, and the need for investor support. Creating a new supply chain link through stakeholder collaboration is another hurdle. Eric suggests exploring waste and recycling for economic benefits, emphasizing solving significant problems for substantial advantages.

Eric gives a shoutout to the sponsors and the entire Urban Machine team, including employees, co-founders, and investors. He expresses appreciation for their dedication and contributions to the company's mission.

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