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David Castro 

April 03, 20241 min read

David Castro, a seasoned entrepreneur, co-founded several tech ventures. Before IceBrekr, he established a healthcare software firm acquired by Dr. Oz's ShareCare corporation. Castro is a serial entrepreneur with diverse interests, including fathering five daughters, artistry, social Latin dancing, guitar playing, motorcycle riding, and stock trading.

David highlights that IceBrekr aims to tackle the frustration of attending events without making valuable connections. The app provides users with a tool to identify and prioritize ideal connections nearby. It offers pre-event, during event, and post-event functionalities to enhance networking experiences and facilitate follow-ups.

David highlights challenges in Icebreaker's development, particularly finding a team that understands the concept and managing limited resources. He suggests prioritizing referrals from experts, aligning with the vision despite budget constraints, and focusing on incremental progress to overcome obstacles.

David gives a shoutout to his daughters, Addy, Haley, and Harper, for their encouragement and inspiration, highlighting their significance in his life and entrepreneurial journey.

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