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Cody Schneider

May 08, 20241 min read

Cody Schneider, co-founder of Swell AI, shared insights into their innovative approach to AI-powered content marketing. Swell AI has revolutionized content repurposing, catering to a diverse clientele from solo podcasters to B2B enterprises, aiming to streamline content creation.

Originally focused on podcasting, Swell AI now offers comprehensive solutions for marketing teams and B2B businesses, empowering clients to create compelling thought leadership content. Cody emphasized their commitment to serving clients of all sizes, prioritizing meaningful interactions, and seeking guidance from industry peers.

Cody expressed gratitude for mentor Jeff Reynolds, whose insights and customer focus have shaped Swell AI's growth. This conversation not only highlights Swell AI's innovative strategies but also underscores the importance of mentorship and customer-centricity in business success. Tune in to gain further insights from Cody's journey and Swell AI's impact on AI-powered content marketing.

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