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432 Entrepreneurial Mastery: Holistic Approach to Mental Health and Business Success

Chris Gazdik

May 29, 20241 min read

Chris Gazdik is a seasoned mental health and substance abuse therapist and a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to transforming lives. With over two decades of experience, Chris brings a unique perspective to therapy, emphasizing collaborative emotional navigation and understanding. His journey merges therapeutic expertise with entrepreneurial flair, recognizing shared principles between these domains.

Through his platform, "Through a Therapist's Eyes," Chris extends mental health advocacy beyond traditional therapy settings. Leveraging writing, podcasting, and program creation, he addresses crucial topics such as marriage and overcoming trauma, aiming to broaden conversations around mental health and societal engagement.

Chris is committed to promoting mental health awareness and holistic well-being. He emphasizes the significance of societal engagement in mental health care and advocates for a holistic approach that intertwines mental health and relational well-being with professional success.

Chris also extends special gratitude to those who have supported him along his journey, including his steadfast friends, mentors, and his beloved mom.

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