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436 CEO Hack: The Secret Weapon for Streamlining Your Business

Ben Johnson

June 26, 20242 min read

Meet Ben Johnson, the dynamic CEO of Particle 41. A master in tackling complex digital projects, Ben specializes in CTO advisory, software development, data engineering, and DevOps/cloud engineering. At Particle 41, they don't just solve problems—they revolutionize slow tech, rescuing CEOs from inefficiency with their innovative periodic table of business tools.

Ben's track record is nothing short of impressive. He's built and scaled five companies, most recently selling Legalink to LegalZoom in just three years. His secret? Turning dreams into actionable goals with smart frameworks like OKRs.

A key part of Ben’s success has been the mentorship he's received. Jeremy McWilliams, a former Green Beret and CEO coach through Rise Up Kings, has been instrumental in Ben's personal development and the culture of his organization. Additionally, Ben learns from Greg Alexander, the leader of Collective 54, a group for service company CEOs, where he connects with and gains insights from other industry leaders.

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